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Fly to Savannah

Founded in 1733, Savannah is the oldest city in all of Georgia and one of the oldest in the United States. It’s no surprise that Savannah is known for its historic charm and distinctively Southern vibe.

What Are Some Things To Do In Savannah?

There is so much to do in Savannah, you’ll have to prioritize no matter how long you plan on staying. The historic downtown was built along the Savannah River, so strolling River Street should be high on your list. The cobblestone, brick, and gas lights conjure the Savannah of centuries past when cotton merchants and sailors frequented the area. Now the cotton warehouses are home to antique dealers, art galleries, unique shops, homemade treats, stylish boutiques, and every type of restaurant. Watch for the famous free samples along the way! You can make a meal out of nibbling as you stroll by the river. Keep an eye out for the famous “Waving Girl” statue, and consider hopping the trolley when you see it stopping. There is no better way to get a historic overview of Savannah, and you can be dropped off at a number of incredible spots, like the Johnny Mercer house and Bonaventure Cemetery (both familiar if you’ve seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) or the Juliet Gordon Low House (all Girl Scouts know this historic birthplace). Laid out on a grid, Savannah’s antebellum character is highlighted by the 22 ornamental squares throughout the city. Of course, no visit to Savannah is complete without a stop at The Pirates’ House. Operating since 1753, this living museum restaurant has served plenty of pirates, and they’ll even serve you! (Eyepatch not required.) Known for its specialty Pirate’s Punch and Pirates’ House Fried Chicken, we have flown people to Savannah for the sole purpose of consuming this Southern fried delicacy drenched in honey butter and pecans. And the local favorite to satisfy your sweet tooth is handful of Benne Wafers made by the Byrd Cookie Company. Other popular spots include Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens and nearby Tybee Island beaches and Fort Pulaski. If lively night life is the order of business, be sure to pop into Club One or see what’s happening at Lucas Theatre. Another Savannah landmark you can’t miss is SCAD – the world famous Savannah College of Art & Design. The campus meanders through the heart of historic Savannah, boasting unique architecture and design. Savannah is loaded with history, culture, and cuisine. There is far more to see and do in this exquisite river town than we can list here, so do your research and plan accordingly.

Where Should I Stay In Savannah?

Savannah is a tourist town, and you’ll know it by the presence of Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, etc. However, there are also some great bed and breakfasts, too! Whether you are looking for familiar conveniences or a new stay in a very old place, Savannah has many options. Just book ahead of time. Savannah is one happening little tourist town!

Fun Fact:

Founded in 1733 by a British Member of Parliament, General James Edward Oglethorpe, Savannah was laid out in grids and is often called “America’s First Planned City.”

How Do I Get To Savannah?

The only way in or out of Savannah is flying AirGate Aviation. Okay, not really. Most people drive there – sad but true. However, if you would like to cut your driving time to almost nothing, feel free to rent one of our planes or jets and leave the travel to us. However you get there, do go at least once to beautiful Savannah, Georgia. There is really no place like this.

Some General Information About Savannah:

Highest Elevation: 49 feet
Population Total: 147,000
State: Georgia
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Official Website: City of Savannah