AirGate Aviation is your answer to air travel to your favorite destinations. Established in 2002, AirGate Aviation has maintained the highest standards in charter flights throughout the United States and the Caribbean.  When you choose our charter option, you pick the destination and the time and we take you there!

Our Aircraft
AirGate Aviation maintains a fleet of 6-passenger, powerful twin-engine Cessna 414As to ensure a safe, comfortable, and reliable flight.  Instead of being cramped in tight rows found on regular aircraft, our planes afford casual and comfortable seating in a luxurious environment – leather seats and lots of legroom. Our aircraft is so comfortable you’ll be sorry to see the flight end so soon.

Our Pilots
Our experienced pilots are certified as FAA Part 135 commercial pilots.  Each pilot has thousands of hours of flying experience to ensure you the best possible flight. They are friendly and professional.  Their goal is to ensure that you enjoy your travel adventure whether you’re traveling with us for business or pleasure.

Our Mechanics
Our experienced mechanics are certified as A/P and IA mechanics with experience working on a variety of aircraft. Whether it’s a regular annual inspection or a major overhaul, our mechanics will see to it that your aircraft is taken care of the right way every time.

Our FBO customer support and line staff is the best in the business! Whether you’re here for a quick turn or a few days, our professional and courteous staff will help you with all of your needs. We offer a wide range of amenities to accommodate everyone from the smallest single-engine piston to corporate jets.

Our Service
AirGate Aviation offers convenient bookings by phone, with one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives. Instead of waiting in long lines at large commercial airports, you’ll enjoy the convenience of fast and efficient boarding that allows you to enjoy your vacation getaway right up to the last minute. We offer charter flights that will take you where you want to go. You choose the destination that’s best for you.   We provide the efficient and comfortable service.  Additionally, we are a pet friendly airline, so you can bring your four legged companion along for no additional charge!

Our Value
When you fly with AirGate Aviation, you know you can count on comfort and convenience. The stress-free environment you’ll experience will simply feel like an extension of your vacation. No need to arrive hours before your flight. No need to stand in long lines. Just relax and enjoy flexible, convenient, and comfortable flying.