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Welcome to AirGate Aviation, your best choice when flying between Florida and the Abacos, Eleuthera, Nassau and elsewhere in the Bahamas.  Traveling to places like Marsh Harbour and in the Bahamas doesn’t have to be hard.  Call now and let one of AirGate’s reservationists make your travel arrangements today! Flights to Bahamas (386) 478-0600

AirGate Aviation offers convenience and comfort, easy check-in and efficient service. Customer service is our hallmark, which is why so many of our customers are referrals. If this is your first visit to our website, we invite you to compare our first class service to anyone else. No one offers the convenience and personal service you’ll find with our professional flight and ground crews.

Let your vacation begin with a flight to the Bahamas through AirGate Aviation. Avoid the long lines and inconvenience found at other commercial airports. Our personal, aircraft charter service might surprise you at first, but you’ll soon get used to being spoiled.

Why settle for anything less than a luxurious, comfortable, personalized flight to the Bahamas?

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