Looking to fly from Florida to Nassau in the Bahamas?

Fly to Nassau

The port city of Nassau on New Providence Island is on the most visited destination of The Bahamas.

What Are Some Things To Do In Nassau?

‘What isn’t there to do?’ in Nassau might be a better question. You can go on a food tasting tour,
snorkel on your own or in a tour, SCUBA dive, go fishing, day trip to many surrounding islands like Blue Lagoon Island or Pear Island, visit John Watling’s Distillery, rent bikes, do some beer tasting, shop, charter private boats, stroll through the famous Straw Market, or just put your feet up at the beach and relax.

Where Can I Stay In Nassau?

You may not have heard of Bimini Road (aka: Road to Atlantis), but you probably have heard of Atlantis in Nassau. This is where the bulk of visitors are headed, but not all. There are numerous options for renting a private home or hotel/motel rooms in Nassau. There are also dozens of bed and breakfast options in Nassau if you’re looking for something unique.

Fun Fact:

Nassau, the capital city of The Bahamas, was originally founded in 1670 as Charles Town. During the Raid on Charles Town by the Spanish, the settlement was burned down. In 1695 the city was rebuilt and renamed Nassau by Governor Nicholas Trott in honor of the Dutch Stadtholder and later King of England, Scotland and Ireland, William III, of the House of Orange-Nassau.

How Can I Get To Nassau?

There are plenty of options for getting to Nassau, such as multiple cruises leaving every day from Port Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami. There are also dozens of commercial flights scheduled from airports like Orlando (MCO) and Jacksonville (JAX). If either of these sounds appealing, grab your passport, pack lightly, stand in a long, slow moving line, and wait for hours before squeezing into a tiny seat surrounded by people you don’t know. Or, contact AirGate Aviation, pack whatever gear you need, walk right up to your private aircraft charter, and fly to Nassau with your friends and family aboard a private aircraft charter. It’s your choice!

Some General Information About Nassau:

Population: 274,000
Area code: 242
Coordinates: 25°4′N 77°20′W
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Official Website: Nassau & Paradise Island