Are you headed to Atlanta, Georgia?

Fly to Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and has the highest population of any city in the state. Its airport is a major hub for international flights.

What Are Some Things To Do In Atlanta?

Atlanta is both an economical and cultural center. There is a ton to do here! The Georgia Aquarium is a must if you’ve never experienced 10 million gallons of water in one place before. Schedule ahead, and you can even swim or dive with whale sharks. (It’s the only place in the world where you can do this.) The World of Coca-Cola is another must. This 20-acre museum complex offers a nostalgic look at the history of America’s favorite soft drink. Zoo Atlanta is one of the few zoos in the United States with giant pandas. CNN Studio Tours allows you a behind the scenes look at how the news gets reported. Opened in 1928, The Varsity is the world’s largest drive-in restaurant. Atlanta offers a hotbed of history from the Civil War to the Civil Rights era.

Where Should I Stay In Atlanta?

You will find hundreds of options for places to stay in Atlanta that will accommodate any budget from back-packing to five-star elegance. Atlanta offers plenty of Hiltons, Holiday Inns, etc., but they also boast some unique places to stay. For example, Stonehurst Place is an art-filled 19th-century mansion in Midtown with very large – and very few – elegant rooms. Book way ahead for Stonehurst!

Fun Fact:

Atlanta has the world’s busiest airport – literally the busiest. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport offers flights to 150+ U.S. destinations and more than 60 international destinations in more than 50 countries. Wow! That’s a hub!

How Do I Get To Atlanta?

This city isn’t hard to find; however, Atlanta is known for some of the worst traffic congestion in the country. Of course, there are many commercial flights flying into this very busy airport, but AirGate can get you in and out of the FBO of your choice in Atlanta with no hassle. Contact us to rent a plane to Atlanta.

Some General Information About Atlanta:

Highest Elevation: 1,050 feet
Population Total: 487,000
State: Georgia
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Official Website: City of Atlanta