The only way to get to St. Barts is private boat or flight!

Fly to St. Barts

Officially named the “Territorial collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy,” most people affectionately refer to the island simply as “St. Barts.”

What Are Some Things To Do In St. Barts?

You will find some tour guides, SCUBA, snorkeling, and the more common vacation things to do here. The town of Corossol is known for local handicrafts, such as hats and bags woven from palm fronds. However, most things to do in St. Barts look more like this: Colombier Beach, Shell Beach, St. Jean Beach,  Grand Cul de Sac Beach and a long list of more beaches. This is an “island time” place. Come to relax and be away from it all. The beauty and remoteness of this island is quite possibly unparalleled.

Where Can I Stay In St. Barts?

There are many nice resorts and smaller hotels on St. Barts. However, they are pricey and limited (only 25 hotels or so). St. Barts is not a place where you just show up assuming you can find a room. Tourism is a main industry for this little island, which hosts approximately 200,000 visitors each year. Make sure you have your room booked way in advance, or you may find yourself asking the question above at the worst possible time.

Fun Fact:

Jimmy Buffett owns a house here and often refers to this place as his real life “Margaritaville.” Jimmy loves St. Barts about as much as we love Jimmy, so be on the lookout for the legendary pirate and singer when you go. There are many people there who know him, and many visiting lucky enough to run into him. Of course, Jimmy aside, St. Barts is great all by itself!

How Can I Get To St. Barts?

So, this is a tricky one. One of the island’s claims to fame is the fact that it is hard to reach. There are few scheduled flights, cruises ships, etc. If you aren’t flying private, you likely aren’t going. Good thing we’ve got you covered! We fly to St. Barts, so contact us when you are ready to book your trip to St. Barts.

Some General Information About St. Barts:

Country: France (Yes, it’s French! Even way out there in the ocean.)
Maximum Elevation: 860 feet
Population Total: 9,700
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time
Official Language: French
Official Website: Collectivity of Saint Barthelemy