Are you ready to visit Eleuthera in the Bahamas?

Fly to Eleuthera

Eleuthera is considered one of the outer islands of the Bahamas. It also includes the smaller Harbour Island. The Eleuthera islands form part of the Great Bahama Bank.

What Are Some Things To Do On Eleuthera?

It is remote, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do. In fact, this island has some of the most amazing options in the Bahamas. From cave exploring, to reef diving, to snorkeling, to blue holing, Eleuthera offers adventure around every corner. And definitely check out the abandoned U.S. Naval Base while you’re there. You’ll think you entered an issue of National Geographic.

Where Can I Stay In Eleuthera?

As for lodging, there are many unique house rentals in Eleuthera as well as hotels and motels. Some of our clients use Airbnb to customize their search, while others return again and again to their favorite homes. (One house in particular was a favorite of The Beatles back in the day!) You won’t find chain hotels on the island. Instead, you’ll find a large selection of one-of-a-kind resorts, hotels, and motels that are locally owned. This island is very long (110 miles), so it’s good to make lodging plans before you arrive. It’s also good to plan how you’re going to get around (rental car or private rental).

Fun Fact:

The first people on the island (that we know of) were actually from North America. They were the Taino and Arawaks. How did they get there all the way from the mainland? Most likely by canoes. You are lucky you can do it in one of our private aircraft!

How Do I Get There?

This is always our favorite part! You can drive to a distant airport and wait on flights that are usually late and sometimes cancelled completely when heading to this remote island, or you can call us, travel first class, get there when you want, and not have to worry about it. Eleuthera has well maintained airports, but you won’t find a list of major airlines flying in and out of them. This is where AirGate Aviation comes in! Please contact us today for information on renting a jet or plane to this island.

Some General Information About Eleuthera:

Country: Bahamas
Major Islands: Eleuthera and Harbour Island
Maximum Elevation: 200 feet (Compare that with most islands in the Bahamas!)
Population Total: 11,000
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Official Website: Eleuthera & Harbour Island